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Lake Wobegon Trails Walking Stick 2


Cliff Borgerding 2016

Lake Wobegon Trails Walking Stick 2

This my signature design for my walking sticks. I live near this trail and I am actively involved with the Lake Wobegon Trails Association.


The trail system is a combination of two segments ... one runs 49 miles east to west from St Joseph to Osakis Minnesota where it connects to the Central Lakes Trail which continues on to Fergus Falls Minnesota for another 50 miles.


The other segment runs north from Albany to Holdingford for for 13 miles where it connects with the Soo Line Bicycle Trail which goes through Bowlus Minnesota and continues northeast and crosses the Mississippi River.


The trails are built on abandoned rail road beds and are part the national Rails to Trails program and the east/west corridor is part of Minnesota's Rail Bank program. The Rail Bank program preserves the corridor for future mass transit options.


My LWT Walking Sticks have a wood burned representation of the trail with mile markers and city names and lakes and rivers found along the trails. I also show the original names of some of the small towns and names associated with the towns that authors Sinclair Lewis and Jon Hassler. Sauk Centre was the model for the town of "Gopher Prairie" is his award winning novel Main Street. Jon Hassler's novels are based in the town "Staggerford" which is modeled after Holdingford Minnesota.


It's fun to make these walking sticks and canes! I have made many of these and they've gone all over the country and a few overseas!