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Mystery Walking Stick

Mystery Walking Stick

Looking to find out about this walking stick carved by a relative in the 1960s in California.

  • Not sure what the pod-like elements represent?
  • Anyone have an idea of the wood? It is lighter colored along the edges of the pods.
Thanks for any info!

    It is diamond willow. The "pod-like" bits are natural divots in the wood which someone has carved out and carved around. The original surface of the stick would have been roughly level with the highest part of the diamonds (or "pods")

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    dww2 - Thanks for the information. Our family will be most appreciative to find out about this.


    Especially interesting since the willow is mostly found in the boreal forrest which covers parts of Russia.... a place from which the deceased relative had fled around 100 years ago when the tsar was overthrown. Who knows, the stock may have been from there.


    Again, many thanks!


    Could be. It also apparently grows throughout the US and Canada (though I've never run across any here in Maine). Perhaps an antique dealer could give a rough guess as to its age based on the type of finish, tool marks, etc. The actual place of origin could be a lot more difficult to pin down for certain, but you never know.