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Spalted Resin

Spalted Resin

    Nov 15 2017 06:07 AM

    It took a while, and there was lots to learn (never thought it would need three resin pours), but I'm happy with the finished product of my first attempt - even though a couple of faults are still clearly apparent.


    Once I had cleaned out as much of the infected material as I could, I cleaned it up and gave it a good soaking in wood hardener.  As there was no way I could fill it in one go, I had to rework the moulding and masking a couple of times to get the majority of the cavity filled.  Then in was a final top up and finish.  Rubbing back wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be, but still took plenty of time.  The stick itself was finished with a couple of coats of Danish Oil.


    With all the resin down through the inside of the stick, it's quite top heavy, so think this could be classed as a modern-look shillelagh - maybe I should add a paracord wrap near the bottom to finish the look.