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AF7A8B61 D847 4605 BEB8 358E14A1D45A

AF7A8B61 D847 4605 BEB8 358E14A1D45A

The bark covered one is a branch my daughter picked up in the woods. Taper is slight from about 5/8 to 3/4 over 48”. It weighs practically nothing. She said it was perfect, just wrap a handle. I don’t know how long it lay on the forest, but it’s a little thinner and softer than I like hence the brass furell and rubber tip. I’ve just received the line of her choice for the handle and will probably sand and finish with tung oil before wrapping. She has used it for many miles in alpine Terran with out the tip, and it hasn’t failed yet. The peeled stick is a slightly thicker alder branch aged right with a similar profile. I have it waiting in the wings in case she snaps the original.